OnRobot Gecko Gripper – Non-Vacuum for Flat Surfaces

The OnRobot Gecko Gripper uses millions of micro-scaled fibrillar stalks that adhere to a surface using powerful van der Waals forces – the same force that geckos use to grip smooth glass surfaces. Inspired by nature, the OnRobot Gecko Gripper makes it possible to attach and lift many kinds of flat and smooth surfaces without compressed air or any external power, using easy gripping technology for pick-and-place applications. Since the OnRobot Gecko Gripper does the lifting without compressed air or any other external power, it gives you a more efficient, cost-effective solution.

Built-in range sensor and pre-load sensor improves picking and mechanical release allows controlled detachment of parts.

Since the OnRobot Gecko Gripper works best on flat, smooth surfaces and is unaffected by holes it is the ideal gripper for picking PCBs (printed circuit boards) – something a vacuum gripper will struggle with due to the holes.


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