We accomplish
extraordinary projects
with our competent engineering team 

We create innovative solutions by interpreting the developing production technologies with a different engineering perspective. With ready-to-use  robotic cells , we increase your production speed and efficiency and reduce your costs.

Palletizing Systems

Robotics, Hardware and Software

We make ideal installations in many areas by targeting easy-to-install, easy-to-use modular systems. Although we have implemented industrial applications such as palletizing, welding, machining, machine feeding, surface coating, sandblasting, non-destructive testing, we are also involved in the installation of industrial robots in the entertainment world.

All around the world

We have contributed to production in many parts of the world by supplying robotic cells, engineering support, hardware and software to our customers in 25 different countries in 6 continents. Our solutions have taken their place in huge projects such as airport construction, metro construction.

Türkiye, Almanya, Fransa, İngiltere, İtalya, Polonya, Estonya, Romanya

Çin, Tayland, Katar, Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri, Kuveyt, Lübnan, Bahreyn

ABD, Meksika

Şili, Peu